In the land of the KarmaQueen…

…things are never what they seem…

Daily Tarot…

I am going to post a Tarot-related tidbit here for your enjoyment every day. I have been reading the Tarot since I was about 12. My mother read, she could even read just ordinary playing cards…with incredible accuracy.

She was kinda spooky, you know…she was a clairivoyant…having her first experience when she was only eight. Her gift operated through her dreams for most of her life…she had a dream that she was looking at a body floating in a bathtub, and it terrified her. She woke up screaming and woke up the whole house. Of course, as so often happens, my grandparents told her that it was just a bad dream, got her calmed down and back into bed.
But, according to my mom, she knew that it was no dream…that it was real…she felt like she had been looking through a large window…into the immediate future.

I’ll finish this story in the next post…


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