In the land of the KarmaQueen…

…things are never what they seem…

We begin…

again…I have tried to do this blog thing quite a few times… I think I lacked the enthusiasm necessary to keep it going before now. Not to mention that when I was trying to build my newsletter and website, I just couldn’t make the time to post to my blog the way I really wanted to.

Now that the circumstances have changed with regard to my never-ending webmaster duties…the site will be back…it is just in limbo right now…I find that I will be able to really focus on getting a decent blog going!

See…the thing is…I have alot of knowledge…alot of very unique insight…and it has become very important to me that I am able to pass at least some of it on…my way of giving from what I have been given…to help another,
from my heart and without charge.

Let’s face it…there is alot of woe in this world…all around us…people get overwhelmed…many have nowhere to turn…no one to just talk to that is capable of giving sound advice along with a caring, listening ear.

I am college educated…I worked as a correctional officer for years…took the required psyche classes and then some…obtained a degree in Business and in Criminal Sciences…and equally as important, I have lived alot in these 45 years. Seen alot…heard alot…cried alot…learned some very hard lessons along the way…it is true that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

In my next post, I will start to lay out the way I intend to bring this blog to life. I can’t do it alone though…I will need the participation of all of our subscribers and visitors…active participation!!

I am kind of excited about this beginning…it feels so right for me to do at this moment in my life…and it makes me feel a sense of contentment to know that if I can help someone else with the things that I have learned…then,
I won’t have gone through all of that for my whole life in vain…


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